Equipment List

序号 品名 品名 功率 品牌 型号 原产地
1 万能蒸烤箱 GN1/1*40 (含推车1辆,不含份盆) size:1084*996*1782Hmm GN2/1*20  Combi oven Include 1 trolly,not include GN tray 1084*996*1782Hmm 380V/65.5KW RATIONAL SCC202 GERMANY
2 万能蒸烤箱 GN1/1*20 (含推车1辆,不含份盆) size:879*791*1782Hmm GN1/1*20 Combi oven Include 1 trolly,not include GN tray 879*791*1782Hmm 380V/37KW RATIONAL SCC201 GERMANY
3 万能蒸烤箱  GN1/1*20 (含推车1辆,不含份盆) size:879*791*1782Hmm GN1/1*20 Combi oven Include 1 trolly,not include GN tray 879*791*1782Hmm 380V/37KW RATIONAL SCC201WE GERMANY
4 万能蒸烤箱 GN1/1*20 (含推车1辆,不含份盆) size:879*791*1782Hmm GN1/1*20 Combi oven Include 1 trolly,Not include GN tray 879*791*1782Hmm 380V/37KW RATIONAL CM201 GERMANY
5 万能蒸烤箱连底座GN1/1*20 (不含份盆) size:1069*971*1017Hmm GN1/1*20combi oven/w stand Not include GN tray 1069*971*1017Hmm 380V/37KW RATIONAL SCC102 GERMANY
6 万能蒸烤箱连底座含水泵系统 GN1/1*20 (不含份盆) size:1069*971*1017Hmm GN1/1*20combi  oven/w stand Not include GN tray 1069*971*1017Hmm 380V/37KW RATIONAL SCC102 GERMANY
7 万能蒸烤箱连底座GN1/1*10 (不含份盆) size:847*771*1017Hmm GN1/1*10combi  oven/w stand Not include GN tray 847*771*1017Hmm 380V/19KW RATIONAL SCC101 GERMANY
8 万能蒸烤箱连底座GN1/1*10 (不含份盆) size:900*820*1490Hmm GN1/1*10  Combi  oven/w stand Not include GN tray 900*820*1490Hmm 380V/18KW HOUNO C1.10 DENMARK
9 保温热车 (不含份盆)capacity:14*GN2/1, size:668*800*1785Hmm Mobile heated trolley 668*800*1785Hmm 220V/0.8KW     LOCAL
10 保温热车 (不含份盆) capacity:14*GN2/1, size:696*867*1861Hmm Mobile heated trolley 696*867*1861Hmm 220V/1.8KW7.8A CVAP HA3022 JV
11 保温冷车(不含份盆,带10个层架) capacity:14*GN2/1份盆size:698*870*2037Hmm Mobile chiller 698*870*2037Hmm 220V/0.57KW CVAP CC3022 JV
12 保温冷冻车 (不含份盆) size:800*750*2000Hmm Mobile freezer 800*750*2000Hmm 220V/1KW SANYO SRF-PC781S JV
13 9抽屉平台高温雪柜(510Ltr) size:1885*660*850Hmm 9 drawer Counter Chiller(510Ltr) 1885*660*850Hmm  220V/1KW WILLIAMS HO3U.XWWW JV
14 单门单组双抽屉单组三抽屉平台雪柜size:1885*660*850Hmm 1 door & 5 drawer Counter Chiller1885*660*850Hmm  220V/1KW WILLIAMS HO3U.XWWW JV
15 弧形保温柜 size:660*437*635Hmm Curved glass warmingshowcase 660*437*635Hmm 220V/1.84KW     LOCAL
16 保温柜 size350*425*500 Glass warmingshowcase 660*437*635Hmm 220V/0.85KW     LOCAL
17 双头华夫炉 size:500*380*300Hmm Waffie iron 500*380*300Hmm 220V/2KW     LOCAL
18 榨橙汁机 size:330*245*385Hmm Plunge Juice 330*245*385Hmm 220V/0.55KW     LOCAL
19 单头班戟炉 size:450*485*240Hmm Crepe maker 450*485*240Hmm 220V/3KW     LOCAL
20 高效能食物陈列蒸柜 size:380*400*745Hmm Food display steamer 380*400*745Hmm 220V/0.9KW     LOCAL
21 碎冰机 size:300*500*440Hmm Ice crusher 300*500*440Hmm 220V/1KW     LOCAL
22 电力单头矮仔炉 size:770*700*550Hmm Hocker burner 770*700*550Hmm 380V/6KW LOCAL
23 商用凹面电磁炉含锅 size:527*490*275Hmm Professional Induction wok 527*490*275Hmm 220V/3.3KW SR-8336D LOCAL
24 商用平面电磁炉 size:527*490*275Hmm Professional Induction stove 527*490*275Hmm 220V/3.3KW SR-1336 LOCAL
25 电力四头炉 size:600*600*350Hmm Electric hotplates 4 top 600*600*350Hmm 380V/5KW LOTUS PC-62EN ITALY
26 电扒炉 size914*610*349Hmm Electric griddle 914*616*406Hmm 380V/10KW GARLAND ED-36G US
27 电坑扒炉 size762*610*349Hmm Electric broiler 762*610*349Hmm 380V/15.4KW GARLAND ED-30B US
28 电扒炉 size:914*616*406Hmm Electric griddle 914*616*406Hmm 380V/12KW     LOCAL
29 电力火山石烧烤炉 size:480*580*440Hmm Electric Lava stone grill 480*580*440Hmm 380V/4.5KW     LOCAL
30 座地式双缸电炸炉 size:1024*949*1216Hmm 2 well Electric deep fryer 1024*949*1216Hmm 380V/36KW PITCO E18-2 US
31 台式双缸电炸炉 size:630*630*300Hmm 2 well Electric deep fryer 630*630*300Hmm 380V/1.4KW TOASTMASTER  1439 US
32 14L座地式单缸电炸炉 size:400*700*850Hmm 1 well Electric deep fryer 400*700*850Hmm 380V/8.7KW ZANUSSI KFRE460 ITALY
33 3 格GN1/3暖汤池 size605*385*280Hmm Ban marie 3*GN 1/3 605*385*280Hmm 220V/1.5KW     LOCAL
34 燃气单缸意粉炉 size:350*420*850Hmm Gas 1 well pasta cooker 350*420*850Hmm   IBC HC-P-378 JV
35 链式披萨炉 size:1348*437*556Hmm Conveyor pizza oven 1348*437*556Hmm 380V/5KW TOASTMASTER  TCO2114C US
36 链式多式炉 size:368*451*403Hmm Conveyor toaster 368*451*403Hmm 220V/1.8KW HATCO TQ-400 US
37 商用微波炉 size:422*508*337Hmm Professional microwave oven 422*508*337Hmm 220V/2KW PANASONIC NE1756 JAPAN
38 电热烤羊肉串炉 size:850*250*160Hmm Electric Grill 850*250*160Hmm 220V/5KW     LOCAL
39 食品保温箱(含移动底盘) size:450*650*1400Hmm Plastic  warm box include trolley stand 450*650*1400Hmm       LOCAL
40 电力暖汤煲10L Electric Soup kettle 10L 220V/0.5KW     LOCAL
41 份盆车 size:750*620*1880 2/1GN pan rack trolley 10slots 750*620*1880       LOCAL
42 份盆 size:530*327*65Hmm GN1/1 pan 530*327*65Hmm       LOCAL
43 份盆 size:530*327*100Hmm GN1/1 pan 530*327*100Hmm       LOCAL
44 份盆 size:327*265*100Hmm GN1/2 pan 327*265*100Hmm       LOCAL
45 GN2/1份盆 size:654*530*25Hmm GN2/1 pan 654*530*25Hmm       LOCAL
46 层架 size:1200*800*1800Hmm Shelf 1200*800*1800Hmm       LOCAL
47 层架 size:1800*800*1800Hmm Shelf 1800*800*1800Hmm       LOCAL
48 双星盆台 size:1800*600*800Hmm double sink 1800*600*800Hmm       LOCAL
49 单星盆工作柜 size:1000*750*800Hmm Work table sink1000*750*800Hmm       LOCAL
50 双门平台工作柜 size:800*750*800Hmm Work table 800*750*800Hmm       LOCAL
51 双门单组三抽屉工作柜                             size:1200*750*800Hmm Work table                         1200*750*800Hmm       LOCAL
52 工作台 连下一层 size:1500*500*800Hmm workbench 1500*500*800Hmm       LOCAL
53 食物暖灯 size:914*152*64Hmm Food warmer 914*152*64Hmm 220V/2KW HATCO GRAH-36 JV
54 盘碟车                               size:761*984*838 Adjustable dish caddy size:761*984*838   CAMBRO  ADC33-131 US
55 50L开水桶         LOCAL
56 不锈钢隔离栏杆(2米隔离带)         LOCAL
57 杯筐车         LOCAL
58 电力长方形自助餐炉 (不含份盆) size:660*480*420Hmm 220V/250W       LOCAL
59 电力双头宴会汤炉(全新)size:660*480*420Hmm 220V/250W LOCAL
60 热肠机 尺寸:570*450*485Hmm 220V/1.5KW LOCAL
·We provide dismantlement and installation.
·We only provides E&M final connection to the equipment subject to all necessary E&M service points are carried out adjacent to the equipment by the tenant.
·We will send a technician stand by during the rental time.
·You must pay for the equipment if any improper use and damage.
·Please confirm the description and quantity of the equipment 10 days before your hiring.
·Remarks:The brand and model of imported equipments will be changed probably when delivery, and we will give you the detail list of the equipments.
·If you require any products which are not listed on this website, please contact us
at your earliest convenience and we will endeavor to satisfy your request.